Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grey Knight Tactics.

Ok well I am going to share some of my thoughts of the new Grey Knight codex.

Well I am going to be using the Grand Master.  He is kinda alot of points but can dish out alot of hurt.  I am goig to be using Halberd, Incinerator, Rad grenades, Psychoktroke and Blind Grenades.  All that adds up to a ton of hurt on most anything that charges or gets charged.

Now the other 6 options for Grey Knight HQs are not all that great.  The libby is pretty nasty but is alot of points.  Brotherhood champion would be cool but he is 100 points for 1 wound.  Brother captain isnt bad but for 25 points take the Grandmaster and get Grand Strat.  Now I left out all Special Characters at this time mainly cause I feel they are way to wacky and weird.  Lord Chuck norris well screw him no mater how good he might be.  Mordrak might be fun but not impressed.  Stern is kinda meh makes the enemy better.  Crowe is only good in the sense he makes Purifiers troops( I will get to them later).  Corteaz......If you have read anything on the internet you have heard about this guy.  He needs to be redone.  The other 2 inquisitors look kinda cool but alot of points.

The tech marine  is just like the space marines tech marine BUT he can take a few cool things.  in the end there are better things to take in the Elites section.  Purifier squads are what I love about Elites.  2 base attacks cheap Halberds Cleansing fire spell.  Not to shabby!  Also if you like a little ranged fire power then a squad of 10 can take 4 psycannons for next to nothing.  Or 4 incinerators for FREE!!!!!  I think Purifiers are great.  I want an army of them and good thing I could do it.  To bad Crowe kinda blows.  Venerable dreads are the same as space marines BUT they can take Psy bolt ammo.  Making them some bad mother...Shut yo mouth!  Now onto Paladins the Ork nobs of the Grey Knights.  They are alot of points but they can take an Apothecary and 2 heavy weapons for every 5.  Not to shabby if you ask me.  Now one thing that drives me nuts is the brotherhood banner.  This thing is great. +1 attack and auto pass the turn your weapon on test.  Down side.  It takes away the weapon you just turned on.....Also Holocaust is a neat spell.  Now lets look at the assassins.  they are pretty much the same with some updates.  Only problem I see is the callidus comes out like she deep striked.  Meaning no charge when she comes out.  Now to the lovely Henchmen.  There is alot in this section I don't know all of it and didn't read most of it.  I know Jokaero weapon smiths are almost game breaking.  Next to 15 point power weapon storm shield guys and they better then IG psyker battle squad psykers.  But I wont touch these guys for fluff reasons.

So I am going to end my small thoughts for now.  I will get to the rest later on.  Also As soon as I get some battle reports going I will post them up.

Starting new armies.

So I picked up some grey Knights this weekend.  I pretty much now own my full 2000 point army.  Also I am having a blast putting it all together.  SO here is my army:

Grand Master: Force Halberd, Psychotroke, rad and blind grenades, Incinerator  215

10 Purifiers: 10 Force Halberds 260

5 Paladins: 1 Apoc, 4 with force Halberds, 1 deamon hammer, 1 incinerator 355

10 Grey Knight strike: 2 Psycannons, Psybolt ammo, deamon hammer Rhino 290

10 Grey Knight strike: 2 Psycannons, Psybolt ammo, deamon hammer Rhino 290

Stormraven: Lascannon, Multi-Melta 205

Land Raider Crusader 255

Dreadnought: Autocannon, Psy bolt ammo 130


Monday, March 21, 2011

1850 RTT the realm brea ca

So this weekend was another 1850 RTT. I brought out my bad moon battle wagon list. When I got there the other players all had some major shooting armies. 2 tau, 2 guard, space wolf player, deamon player, another ork player, imperial fist and blood angels.

So 3 rounds round one was objectives 5 of them and at the start of turn 3 on a roll of 5 or 6 they go away. Well in this game I went against grimgobs battle wagon blitz. So I got first turn but he held back everything but his lootas. So after a little loota on loota action and bad rolls his battlewagons join the fight. After a bit of dancing I make a run to smash in and deff roll his wagon. He then rolled one of mine. Well thus kept happening and the orks got stuck in and had a good and proper fight in both sides. But sadly the badmoons could hold all the objectives and we lost.

Round 2 was a mod kill point against tau. Now after looking at the book there are a few things he did that he can't. First was can't take 2 air burst things. Also can't fire 3 weapons from 1 battlesuit. But all in all u had a bad game but we tied and he got the break due to victory points.

Round 3 I went against a nurgle chaos army with a objective mission. 3 objectives and I went first. So turn one I shot up his rhinos. And moved my wagons up. After this I charged smashed in and my nib squad pretty much moped up the rest of the army with out taking any wounds back.

In the end I learned a few things about my orks and how to use them. Also I got a box of common goblins to work on my grot rebels.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chaos rules question

So at a local tournament a chaos player said that oblits don't have to change weapons every turn.  Now I don't know who told me they do but if I am right then I need to find the rule if I am wrong well that changed alot haha.

I will post some battle reps in the next few days.  I forgot the pictures of all the games and the one good one I would have had well I hit video and now have a 1 sec video.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

1850 RTT

Well this weekend will be another 1850 RTT at the Realm in Brea CA.  I am going to bring my orks in a battle wagon spam list.  I wanted to have everything painted by the next one but its a month early and I have been sick as a dog the last 2 weeks.  I will post a full write up of the list and Pictures of the army.  Hopefully I can take pictures of all my games and I can do a good and proper battle report.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Summer of fliers?

Warseer: Summer of flyers? (by Stickmonkey)
Some updates. First, let me apologize for being dark. I have been negotiating a carreer move and it looks like it will happen. More on that down the road. But I am looking for a home in Texas...yee haw, back to the states. To the business at hand, this is what I know. The "summer of flyers" (again, temper this name, it's not much more than spearhead was) article in wd if it happens will be an apoc expansion...not basic game. To include formations, special strategies, etc. About what anyone would expect. The specific plastics for the wave release passed QA. Yeah! And include the following Ig hydra De r-wing Ork copta Nid harpy There may be a few other surprises. It is apoc after all. However, no one seems to be certain if these items will be released together as a wave right now. There is a lot of back and forth as to how best to put them out...flyer related dump, or wait and do army based updates, meaning a ig wave, a de wave, etc. There is strong desire to complete the de models before the next codex release after GK. I don't think it's possible based on where some of the outstanding models are in the process...and what has to be done for that codex. Only so many people to do the work. You can't put 3 women together and get a baby in 3 months, right? No craft world eldar models will be included here. And there is a reason for it, but I can't go into it yet. And no codex on immediate horizon, to keep people from getting excited... Also, the de void flyer will not make a summer debut...its a big model...comparatively, and there are other challenges facing it...but it is coming eventually, hopefully before fall. My information comes direct this time, but the decisions about what and when to release things I am not privy to...wd will already be set in stone by now and so someone(s) already knows what is and isn't happening in this, just not I... Cheers. Hopefully this is more exact information certain individuals want to see. But as always, subject to change.

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Well what interest me the most is that ork kopta. I am a bit scared of how many guard armies will now have that damn hydra rolling around. Poor dark eldar.

Monday, February 28, 2011


So I dug my orkz out of the back and giving them a bit of table time. I a going to try the battlewagon spam list to see how it goes. Also I enjoy painting my orkz. I will toss up a few things later to show how I paint them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sample grey knight army

Grand master with psycannon

Librarian with 2 powers

4 paladins: 2 ward staff, 1 hammer, apoc

10 strike gks: psycannon with teleport pack
10 strike gks: psycannon with teleport pack

Stormraven: hurricane bolter, lascannon, multimelta
Stormraven: hurricane bolter, lascannon, multimelta

That is my list so far. I am not adding point costs ATM but it is about the same points as rtts are. Should be a fun and very weird army to play.

Monday, February 21, 2011

1850 RTT and home grown tables.

This weekend was an 1850 RTT at the Realm in Brea Ca.  I had a good time playing there great crowd and awesome players.  So it was 3 games with pretty standard missions a few weird things but not to bad.  I used my Tyranids mainly cause my Death Guard were not fully ready.

Game1 against Battlewagon spam Orks.  This mission was 5 objectives that before deployment they scattered 2D6 inches.  This game started late because the guy I played against was a bit late.  So it only lasted 4 turns which hurt me ALOT.  But all in all a fun game.  I lost.

Game 2 against a nasty Blood angels list.  It was my friend jeremy and it had alot of missile launchers which isnt good for my big bugs.  This mission was mod KPs.  HQ worth 3 and Troops worth 2 each everything else was 1 KP each.  I won.

Game 3 against some Grey Knights.  This mission was another Objective mission but only 3 this time.  The game was going well but I couldn't do anything to his Land Raiders.  I did get a super lucky shot from my hive guard and killed a grand Master and one of his body guard.  Otherwise it was a tie.

I will post more later like the List but I forgot to take pictures of the event.  I should be doing more pictures of my games.  Also on a side note me and 2 of my buddies have our own table now set up in my garage for some games and it is looking pretty nice.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Natural enemies

 Here are some rumors that are floating around.  I know for one I am interested in this army along with Witch Hunters.  So hopefully they are this good haha.  Also in terms of theme would be nice seeing as they are saying Grey knights USED to be death Guard.

Grey Knight Special Rules:

Aegis: Psykers targeting a squad with Aegis suffer -1 Ld.
Reinforced Aegis: Psykers targeting a squad is within 12" of a Venerable Dreadnought suffer -4 Ld.
And They Shall Know No Fear: Same as C: SM.
Combat Squads: Same as C: SM.
Psyker Pilots: Vehicles have Ld 10 for purposes of using powers. A Perils of the Warp results in a glancing hit.
Brotherhood of Psykers: The Justicar or Knight of flame's Ld is used to cast powers. Similarly, Perils of the Warp and other attacks that specifically target psykers are resolved against the Justicar or Knight of Flame. If neither is alive or the unit is composed of similar models, such as Terminator Squads, then a random model is used each time. Independent Characters cannot lend their Ld to a unit for the purpose of casting powers.
Psyker Mastery Levels: Character can use 1 psychic power per turn for each level (so 2 powers per turn at level 2).
Preferred Enemy: Demons


Nemesis Weapons: *Seem* be power weapons, with the ability to turn one of them into a force weapon per turn. Very vague at this point.

Upgrades can be taken for any squad with nemesis force weapons:[Nemesis Daemonhammer: +1 Strength (+? Points)
Nemesis Force Halberds: +1 Initiative. (+2 to +5 points depending on the unit)
Nemesis Falchions: Force Lightning Claws, taken only as pairs (+5 Points for the pair?)
Nemesis Warding Stave: Power weapon that conveys a 2++ Invulnerable save. (+2o to +25 points depending on the unit)
Storm-bolters: As Storm-bolters. [Needs to confirmed but they may act as a pistol (extra +1A) in assault...]
Daemonhammer: A thunderhammer with daemonbane.
Daemonbane: Re-roll to hit and wound against daemons.
Psycannon: Str 7 AP 4 36" Assault 2/Heavy 3, Rending.
Incinerator: Str 5 AP 4 Template, Rending.

Personal Teleporter: The unit moves as if it had a jump pack, but it's type does not actually change. In addition, once per game the unit may move (teleport, really) 30" though it cannot assault afterwards.

Psyk-Out Grenades: Reduce morale of the unit they assault.
Warp Stabilization Field: Negates Perils of the Warp on the model. (Vehicles/Dreadnoughts only?)

Psychic Powers:

Hammer Hand: +1 strength in Close Combat
Warp Quake: Any deepstriking unit that lands within 12" suffers automatic mishap.
Holocaust: S5 AP - Large Blast 12"
Quicksilver: Unit becomes Initiative 10
Warp-Rift: Template that auto removes models from play
The Summoning: A single friendly unit that is anywhere on the table is placed within 6" of the librarian and counts as deepstriking.
Smite: As C:SM
Might of Titan: Beginning of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand.
The Shrouding: Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" gain stealth (minimum 5+ cover in the open).
Mind Blades: Start of any assault phase. One enemy unit within 6" loses 1 toughness for the rest of the assault phase.
Vortex of Doom: As C:SM
Sanctuary: Enemy assault phase. Enemy units wishing to assault any Grey Knight within 12" of librarian must make a difficult AND dangerous terrain test.
Psychic Communion (Grandmaster and Captain only): Take a psychic test. If passed, you may modify any reserve rolls by + or -1.
Heroic Sacrifice (Brotherhood Champion only): In assault, when the champion dies take a psychic test. If passed, make one attack against any one model that was in B2B with him. If the attack hits, that model is instantly removed!
Cleansing Flame (Purifiers only): Start of any assault phase. All enemy models that are part of the same assault suffer a wound on a 4+ before any blows are struck with saving throws allowed. Casualties count towards combat resolution.
Astral Aim (Purgation Squad only): Shooting Phase. Unit and attached characters may fire at any unit in range and regardless of line of sight. Target automatically gets a 4+ cover save that cannot be modified.
Reconstruction (Techmarines only): Beginning of techmarine's movement. Re-roll any repair roll.
Fortitude (Vehicle only): At the start of Grey Knight player's turn, removes any shaken or stunned results.
Zone of Banishment(Captain Stern only): During Stern's assault phase. All models (friend, foe & even Stern) within 6" make a strength test or are removed from play. Daemons must re-roll passed tests.
I Shall Not Yield (Justicar Thawn only): Used when Justicar Thawn is killed. Acts as We'll Be Back on a 4+.

Army List

Special Characters:
Supreme Grandmaster - Lord Kaldor Draigo: WS7 BS6 S5 T5 W4 I5 A5 Ld10 Sv2+/3++ Points 275
Wargear: Titan Sword (STR 10 vs demons and psykers), Storm Shield + Storm bolter(!), Frag, Krak, Psyk-out grenades
Special Rules: Independent Character, The Grand Strategy, Psychic Mastery 2, Eternal Warrior
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Psychic Communion, Cleansing Flame
FOC CHANGES: Lord of Titan - Takes Paladins as troops.

Grand Master Mordrack: WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ 200 points
Wargear: Master-crafted Daemonhammer, Storm bolter, Orbital Strike Relay, Terminator Armour, Iron Halo
Special Rules:Psyker Level 1, The Grand Strategy, First to the Fray (If he deploys via Deepstrike, he and his unit arrive first turn and do not scatter)
Ghostly Bodyguard (Ghost Knights): Terminators with Stealth USR. If Mordrak suffers an unsaved wound, at the end of the phase roll a d3. If the result is equal to or greater than his remaining wounds a Ghost Knight appears. If the attack that caused the wound was at I5 or above then the newly arrived Ghost Knight can attack immediately. If Mordrak dies, the Ghost Knights also disappear.
Note that Mordrack must be accompanied by a minimum of one Ghost Knight and lacks the IC rule.
Ghost Knight: WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4(5) A2 Ld9 Sv2+/5++ Points 32
Squad Size: 1-10
Weapons: Nemesis Force Halberds or Nemesis Daemon Hammers (both free), (Storm Bolter, grenades unknown)
Options: Nemesis Falchions (+5/model), Nemesis Warding Stave, Psybolt ammo, Master Craft any weapon (+10 per model), Brotherhood Banner (+25), (more?)
Special Rules: Stealth, Psyker level - See Mordrack
Psychic Powers: See Mordrack

Brother Captain Stern: WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ 200 Points
Wargear: Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm bolter, Orbital Strike Relay, Terminator Armour, Iron Halo
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psychic Mastery 2, Strands of Fate (exactly the same as now)
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Psychic Communion.

Castellan Garran Crowe: WS8 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I6 A* Ld10 Sv2+/4++ Points 150
Wargear: Blade of Antywr (close combat weapon that provide +1S & +1I and re-rolls in first round of cc), Artificer Armour; Frak, Krak, and Psyk-Out grenades, Storm Bolter; Iron Halo
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psychic Mastery 1, The Perfect Warrior (see Brotherhood Champion), Litanies of Hate, Master Swordsman (His CC attacks are Rending and Rend on a 4+)
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Heroic Sacrifice, Cleansing Flame
FOC CHANGES: Brotherhood Champion of the Purifiers - Takes Purifiers as troops.

Inquisitor Corteaz: - DaemonHunter WS4 BS4 S4 T3 W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv2+ Points 100
Wargear: Master-crafted Daemonhammer with Daemonbane
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psychic Mastery 2
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Sanctuary, Mind Blades
FOC CHANGES: Takes Henchman warbands as troops.

Inquisitor Karamazov - WitchHunter WS4 BS4 S5 T5 W4 I4 A3(4) Ld10 Sv2+
Wargear: Master-crafted Multi-melta, Master-crafted Powersword, Frag, krag, psyk-out and Rad(?) grenades, orbital strike relay
Special Rules: Independent Character, Relentless, Dread Reputation (units within 12' re-roll moral and pinning tests), By Any Means Cecessary (You may place Orbital Bombardment blasts over a friendly model. If you do so it does not scatter)
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Sanctuary, Mind Blades

Inquisitor Valeria - XenoHunter: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W3 I4 A3(5) Ld10 Sv3+(4++) Points 100
Wargear: Frag, Krak, & Psyk-Out Grenades, Graviton Pistol (Range: 12\" Strength: 10 AP: 1 Type: Pistol, One Shot), Runes of Destiny (All saves against her attacks must be re-rolled) Dagger of Midnight (+2A; use two separate dices, on a double the attacks hit her instead), Pokeball Hyperstone Maze (against MC or IC, roll d6 instead of attacking; if more than the target's remaining wounds the model is permanently removed)
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psychic Mastery 2, Stubborn,
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Sanctuary, Mind Blades

Grand Master: WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ Points 175
Wargear: Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm bolter, Orbital Strike Relay, Terminator Armour, Iron Halo
Options: Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls (Up to 3), Blind Grenades, meltabombs, digi weapons, psybolt ammo, empyrean brain mines, psychostroke grenades. Master-crafting.
Special Rules:Independent Character, Psyker Level 1
The Grand Strategy: Pick D3 Units and give them one of the following special ruler:
1. Hammer of Righteousness: Nominated unit re-rolls to wound rolls of 1 for the duration of the game
2. Shield of Blades: Target unit gets Counter Attack
3. Spear of Light: Target unit gets Scouts
4. Unyielding Anvil: Target unit gains Scoring
Note: All units receive the same benefits. In addition, only Grey Knights of the following type can receive The GRand Strategy: Infantry, Jump Infantry, Monstrous Creatures, Walkers. Excluded from this are the Ghost Knights.
Psychic Powers: Hammerhand, Psychic Communion

Brother Captain: WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ Points 150
Wargear: Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm bolter, Orbital Strike Relay, Terminator Armour, Iron Halo
Options: Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls (Up to 3), Blind Grenades, meltabombs, digi weapons, psybolt ammo, empyraen brain mines, psychostroke grenades. Master-crafting.
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psyker level 1.
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Psychic Communion.

Brotherhood Champion : WS7 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I5 A* Ld10 Sv2+/4++ Points 100 (Chaplain+Emperor's Champion Combo!)
Wargear: Artificer Armour, Frag & Krag, Storm bolter, Nemesis Force Sword that re-rolls fails to wounds.
Options: Digital Weapons, Empyrean Mines, Psybolt ammo
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psyker Level 1, Titans Herald (Litanies of Hate)
The Perfect Warrior: Instead of an attack value he makes special cc attack ability, using one of the following:
1. Sword Storm: Makes one A on each model in B2B.
2. Blade Shield: Does not attack, but re roll failed saves.
3. Rapier Strike: Makes D3 Attacks (+1 if charged) at I10 but must be against an IC or MC.
Psychic Powers: Hammerhand, Heroic Sacrifice.

Librarian: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld10 Sv2+/4++ 150 Points
Wargear: Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm bolter, Orbital Strike Relay, Terminator Armour, Iron Halo
Options: Upgrade to Psyker Mastery 3 +50 points, Take additional psychic powers for +5 points each, Psychic Hood, can upgrade to any Nemesis Weapon (including Stave).
Special Rules: Independent Character, Psyker Mastery 2
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand.

Inquisitor: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv4+ 25 Pts
Types: Inquisitor must be of either Malleus, Hereticus or Xenos branch. The choice dictates his wargear.
Wargear: Power Weapon w/ Instant Death, Forcefield (enemy takes save vs wound or die) (And many, many more options)
Options: Upgrade to Psyker Mastery 1.
Special Rules: Stubborn, Independent Character, Henchmen Retinue (3-12)

Inquisitorial Henchmen
Squad Size: 3-12
Composition: Can be composed of any of the following units:
Note: For each Inquisitor in the army, one henchmen Retinue can be taken. Corteaz removes this limit.
[Arco Flagelant: ?
Wargear: Close Combat Weapon
Special Rules: Feel No Pain

Banisher: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: Eviscerator
Special Rules: Demons within 6" re-roll successful invulnerable saves.

Crusader: WS4 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 Ld7 Sv4+/3++ ? Points
Wargear: Power Weapon, Carapace Armour, Storm Shield.
Special Rules: ?

Demonhost: WS3 BS3 S4 T4 W1 I3 A1 Ld8 Sv5++ 20 Points
Wargear: Fearsome Claws and Runic Chains (CC weapons), Warp Shield (5+ Invulnerable Save)
Daemonic Power: Roll a d6 on the start of each of YOUR turns, all Daemonhosts in your unit gain one of the following until your next turn unless otherwise stated:
1. Re-Knit Host Form - Feel No Pain
2. Warp Grasp: No Armour saves against Daemonhost's CC attacks
3. Daemonic Speed: Fleet & I10
4. Warp Strength: Strength 6
5. Energy Torrent: Shooting attack: 24" S4 AP3 Assault 1, Blast
6. Unholy Gaze: Shooting Attack: 24" S8 AP- Assault 1

Deathcult Assassin: WS5 BS5 S4 T3 W1 I6 A2 Ld8 Sv5++ 15 Points
Wargear: 2 Power Weapons.
Options: ?
Special rules: Special Dodge (5++)

Servitor: ?
Wargear: Heavy Bolter or Multi-melta
Options: Up to 3 can be armed with Plasma Cannons
Special Rules: Mindlock without inquisitor

Jokaero Weaponsmith: WS4 BS3 S2 T3 W1 I3 A* Ld8 Sv5++ 35 Points?
Wargear: Weapon-creator (Lascannon, multi-melta, Heavy Flamer), Digital Weapons, Defence orb (5++)
Options: ?
Jokaero Ingenuity: Roll D6 each turn and add +1 starting at second turn. Bonus applies to squad:
1. No effect.
2. +12? range to all guns.
3. Armour saves improved by one.
4. All shooting weapons become rending
5. All models gain a 5+ invulnerable save
6. "The Works": Roll twice on the table and apply both results. No result can be taken twice.

Mystic: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: None
Special rules: Units do not scatter when deepstriking within 6".

Psyker: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Same as blast in IG Psyker Battle Squads.

Warrior Acolyte: WS? BS? S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 Ld7 Sv4+ ? Points
Wargear: Laspistol and chainsword, carapace
Options: bolt gun, storm bolter, hot shot lasgun, combi weapon, power sword/or plasma pistol, storm shield, power fist, power armor, meltabombs
Special Rules: ?

Techmarine: WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A2 Ld10 Sv2+ Points ?
Wargear: Conversion Beamer, Servo Skulls, Nemesis Weapons, Orbital Strike Relay, Psybolt ammo, Frag Grenades, Krag Grenades
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Reconstruction

Purifier Squad: WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv3+ Points 24
Squad Size: 5 - ? / One model is upgraded to Knight of Flame for free (Stat difference unknown).
Wargear: Nemesis Force Swords, Power Armour, Storm Bolter, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades.
Options: Nemesis Force Halberdsw (+2 points/model), Psybolt ammo, Psilencer (free), Psycannon, Incinerator (free), Master-crafting (Knight of Flame only)
Special Rules: Psyker level 1
Psychic powers: Hammer Hand, Cleansing Flame

Venerable Dreadnought: WS6 BS4 S6 FRONT13 SIDE12 BACK10 I4 A3 Points 175
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Paladin Squad
Paladin Terminator: WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld10 Sv 2+/4++ Points 55
Squad Size: 1 - ?
Weapons: Storm Bolter, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Nemesis Force Halberd
Options: Psyk-out grenades, Brotherhood Banner, Nemesis Force Weapon upgrades, Psycannon, Incinerators, Psylencers, Apothecary (+75 points, replaces one Paladin, grants FNP to unit), Psybolt Ammo, Master-crafting (+5 points).
Special Rules: Psyker Level 1, Paladins can be individually customized with wargear and weapons.
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Holocaust

Assassin Profile: WS8 BS8 S4 T4 W2 I7 A4 Ld10 Sv 4++ Points: See temples below
Note: Each Assassin is Unique.
Rules: Feel No Pain, Fleet, Fearless, Infiltrate, Uncanny Reflexes (4+ Invulnerable save)
Callidus 145 Points
Wargear:C\'Tan Phase Blade (Power Weapon w/ Instant Death), Neural Shredder (Template S8 AP 1 Pistol Hits are resolved against Leadership not Toughness)
Additional Special Rules: Hit and Run, Stealth, Polymorphine (When Callidus arrives from reserve, choose an enemy unit; they immediately take D6 S4 AP 2 hits. She does not scatter when DSing)

Culexus 135 Points
Wargear: Psyk-Out Nades, Psyocculum (Unaffected by Night Fight rules when targeting a psyker), Animus Speculum (12" S5 AP1 Assault 2. For every psyker within 12" of the assassin, add 2+ to the Speculum's assault value)
Additional Special Rules: Etherium: Any unit wishing to shoot or use a psychic power on the Culexus must pass an LD test on 3d6 (Vehicles are LD10). If the test is failed they can't target the assassin but can target others.

Eversor 130 Points
Wargear: Neuro Gauntlet (Lightning Claw), Executioner Pistol (12" S4 AP2 Pistol, Poisoned 2+), Meltabombs
Additional Special Rules: Frenzon: Gain d6 attacks on the turn they charge instead of 1, Furious Charge

Vindicare 145 Points
Wargear: Exitus Pistol: (12" S: X AP:1 Pistol, Sniper), Exitus Rifle (36" S:X AP: 1 Sniper, Heavy 1), Blind Grenades,
Options: Special Ammo: Must choose one of the following ammo types to shoot with every turn.
1. Hellfire: 2+ to wound.
2. Shieldbreaker: No damage, but permanently removes Invulnerable saves of target. This only applies to inv saves granted by items and wargear.
3. Turbo-Penetrator: Inflicts 2 wounds on any non-vehicle model wounded. Has penetration of 4D6 against vehicles!
Additional Special Rules: Move Through Cover, Stealth

Grey Knight Terminator Squad
Grey Knight Terminator: WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A2 LD9 Sv2+/5++ 40 Points
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades.
Options: Psybolt ammo, Psilencer, Psycannon, Incinerator, Master-crafting (Justicar only)
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand.

Special Upgrade Character - Justicar Thawn: WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5(6) A3 Ld10 Sv2+ ? Points
Wargear: Nemesis Force Halberd, Artificer Armour, Storm Bolter
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 2.
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, I Shall Not Yield.

Grey Knights Strike Squad (Previously Power-Armoured Grey Knights)
Grey Knight: WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A1 LD8 Sv3+ 20 Points
Squad Size: 5 - ? / One model is upgraded to Justicar for free (Ld 9).
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Sword.
Options: Nemesis Force Halberds (+5 points/model), Psycannon (10 points), Psilencer (free), Incinerator (20 points), Psybolts, Personal Teleporters (+6 points/model).
Special Rules: Psyker Level 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Warp Quake.

Dedicated Transports
Rhino 40 points
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude
Units taken by: Strike Squads, Purgation Squads, Purifier Squads, Henchmen Warbands. Srike Squads with Teleporters can't go into/take a Rhino as a dedicated transport.

Razorback 45 points (Note: It seems that this entry has been copy/pasted out of the BA codex without modifications in the document that people have access to...)[i]
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude
Units taken by: Strike Squads, Purgation Squads, Purifier Squads, Henchmen Warbands. Strike Squads with Teleporters can't go into/take a Razorback as a dedicated transport.

Chimera ?
Psychic Power: -
Units taken by: Only Henchmen Warbands.

StormRaven: 205 Points
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker, other abilities similar to the Blood Angel's version but with different names.
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Heavy Support:
Purgation Squad
Grey Knight:WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A1 LD8 Sv3+ 20 Points
Squad Size: 5 - ? / One model is upgraded to Justicar (Ld 9) for free.
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon, 4x Incinerators, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades
Options: Replace Incinerators with Psycannons at +20 points each, Silencers for +? points.
Special Rules: Do not need line of sight.

Dreadnought WS4 BS4 S6 FRONT12 SIDE12 BACK10 I4 A2 Points 110
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power:Fortitude

Nemesis Dreadknight: WS5 BS5 S7 T7 W4 I5 A3 Sv2+/4++ 135 Points
Note: Cannot be carried on a Stormraven.
Wargear: 2x Nemesis Dreadfists by default
[*] Heavy Psycannon - 40
[*] Gatling Psilencer - 35
[*] Heavy Incinerator - 30
[*] Nemesis Daemonhammer - 10
[*] Nemesis Greatsword - 25
[*] Personal Teleporter - 75
Special Rules: Monstrous Creature, Deepstrike, Psychic Mastery 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Holocaust.

Land Raider (and variants, including redeemer)
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Dagmire and Katie Drake at Heresy Online, Marshal Augustine and Bestial Fury at Warseer, Kirasu at DakkaDakka, Commissar Ciaphas Cain at Bolter & Chainsword for the rumours.
Katie Drake at Heresy online for the leaked pictures.
Oiad at Bolter & Chainsword for making the actual summary.

I'm probably forgetting some people.

Post from Codex: Grey Knights - Rumours and Leaked Pictures [v2]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shipping blues

Well all of my Death guard army has been ordered for almost 2 weeks now.  Today I got my 3 brand new Blood angel dreads in the mail.....Or so I though.  Paperwork says I ordered 3, Paid for 3, was shipped 3.....The box had 2.  So ya kinda annoyed with that.  The good people at Dicebucket had a delay on my order which was not a big deal but still was looking for to playing with those bikes before I got the dreads.  Then the stuff from forgeworld.  Well they take forever anyways but still really looking forward to geting the army built and playable with in the next month.  Some pictures of my death guard dreads to come.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ard boyz 2011

Well with Ard boyz being the next Major thing for 40K in my eyes it is time to start thinking of lists that are both fun, new and tough to beat.  With that in mind I am going to give good old jolly grandfather Nurgle a go.

Here is my 2500 point list.

Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Chaos bike, Combi weapon, Plaguebringer 190

Dreadnought: 2 Close combat weapons, Heavy Flamer 110
Dreadnought: 2 Close combat weapons, Heavy Flamer 110
Dreadnought: 2 Close combat weapons, Heavy Flamer 110

7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Champion with Power Fist Rhino with 2 Combi Bolters. 271
7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Champion with Power Fist Rhino with 2 Combi Bolters. 271
7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Champion with Power Fist Rhino with 2 Combi Bolters. 271
7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Champion with Power Fist Rhino with 2 Combi Bolters. 271

10 Chaos bikes: 2 plasmaguns, Champion with Power weapon and Meltabombs,  Mark of Nurgle 445

2 Obliterators: 150
2 Obliterators: 150
2 Obliterators: 150


I think this list should do alright I guess.  At the very least I will have a ton of fun playing with it.

1500 GT results.

Well yesterday was the GT at the LA bunker.  I got a total score of 80.  my Painting score was low because well they gave 5 different reasons and ended up on 1 search light wasn't painted so it dropped my score by 18.  But anyways it was 3 rounds.

Round 1 was a modified objective game.  1+D3 building where the objectives.  To claim an objective a troop had to place a "flag" in the start of the movement phase.  This game I went again a Wrathwall army. 


10 Wrathguard with warlock with enchance
10 Wrathguard with warlock with enchance

Wrath lord with brightlance and Eldar missile launcher
Wrath lord with brightlance and Eldar missile launcher

We only had 2 objectives and I lost the game on the last turn when both units of the wrath guard charged in killing my last unit of marines.

Game 2 was another objective but this one was a "king of the Hill" I played against an imperial guard army.  I cant remember exactly what he had but I know it was 2 vet squads in chimera one with 3 melta 1 with 3 plasma.  A big infantry platoon with 2 autocannons and a special weapon platoon with 3 flamers.  2 commands with autocannons 1 battle cannon 1 plasma lemanruss and a manticore.

The game ended in a draw but he only was off target on 1 shot which still hit my predator and killed 3 marines.  Very rough game for me.

Last game was a modified kill point mission.  I went against a Grey Knight army and because of the judging on how the HQ KP was I lost.  I wiped out his lord the lords terminators their land raider and the other land raider and still lost.  I only lost a rhino my lord and vindicator and predator.  SO that was a bit annoying but the guy was a great person to play against.  Also his army was soooo stunning I was proud to take the loss against him.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1500 point GT

Well this Saturday is a 1500 point GT at the LA battle bunker.  My list is going to be:

Chaos Lord: Mark of Khorne, Terminator armor, Combi melta, Deamon weapon 160

6 terminators: Chain fist, Pair of lightning claws, Reaper auto cannon, 2 combi-meltas  Icon of Slaanesh 255

10 Marines: 2 Plasma guns, Champ with power fist, Icon of Slaanesh Rhino twin bolter 280
10 Marines: 2 Plasma guns, Champ with power fist, Icon of Slaanesh Rhino twin bolter 280
10 Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Champ with power fist, Icon of Slaanesh Rhino twin bolter 270

Heavy Support
Vindicator: 125
Predator: Autocannon, Side Lascannons 130

1500 even

I gave this list 2 test today.  First against a foot slogging eldar and well beat me up pretty bad. But was a tie only due to objectives.  Note to self kill Avatars fast.  Next game was against a Blood angels army.  Hugged terrain and got a win in KP mission.  7 to 5  I should have backed up faster but oh well. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Chaos Space Marines or not?

Well with the 2011 tournament season starting I need to think about what army I really want to work on.  I have Orkz, IG, Tyranids and my long time favorite Chaos.  Now the Chaos Codex isn't horrible but it is far from good.  At least its better then Necrons.....    Maybe I should just turn my beloved Iron Warriors into the Iron space blood ultra dark angels with scars.....  Yaaaaaaa all i know is that for Ard boyz I am going to be the Chaos space wolfs.