Monday, February 21, 2011

1850 RTT and home grown tables.

This weekend was an 1850 RTT at the Realm in Brea Ca.  I had a good time playing there great crowd and awesome players.  So it was 3 games with pretty standard missions a few weird things but not to bad.  I used my Tyranids mainly cause my Death Guard were not fully ready.

Game1 against Battlewagon spam Orks.  This mission was 5 objectives that before deployment they scattered 2D6 inches.  This game started late because the guy I played against was a bit late.  So it only lasted 4 turns which hurt me ALOT.  But all in all a fun game.  I lost.

Game 2 against a nasty Blood angels list.  It was my friend jeremy and it had alot of missile launchers which isnt good for my big bugs.  This mission was mod KPs.  HQ worth 3 and Troops worth 2 each everything else was 1 KP each.  I won.

Game 3 against some Grey Knights.  This mission was another Objective mission but only 3 this time.  The game was going well but I couldn't do anything to his Land Raiders.  I did get a super lucky shot from my hive guard and killed a grand Master and one of his body guard.  Otherwise it was a tie.

I will post more later like the List but I forgot to take pictures of the event.  I should be doing more pictures of my games.  Also on a side note me and 2 of my buddies have our own table now set up in my garage for some games and it is looking pretty nice.

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