Monday, March 21, 2011

1850 RTT the realm brea ca

So this weekend was another 1850 RTT. I brought out my bad moon battle wagon list. When I got there the other players all had some major shooting armies. 2 tau, 2 guard, space wolf player, deamon player, another ork player, imperial fist and blood angels.

So 3 rounds round one was objectives 5 of them and at the start of turn 3 on a roll of 5 or 6 they go away. Well in this game I went against grimgobs battle wagon blitz. So I got first turn but he held back everything but his lootas. So after a little loota on loota action and bad rolls his battlewagons join the fight. After a bit of dancing I make a run to smash in and deff roll his wagon. He then rolled one of mine. Well thus kept happening and the orks got stuck in and had a good and proper fight in both sides. But sadly the badmoons could hold all the objectives and we lost.

Round 2 was a mod kill point against tau. Now after looking at the book there are a few things he did that he can't. First was can't take 2 air burst things. Also can't fire 3 weapons from 1 battlesuit. But all in all u had a bad game but we tied and he got the break due to victory points.

Round 3 I went against a nurgle chaos army with a objective mission. 3 objectives and I went first. So turn one I shot up his rhinos. And moved my wagons up. After this I charged smashed in and my nib squad pretty much moped up the rest of the army with out taking any wounds back.

In the end I learned a few things about my orks and how to use them. Also I got a box of common goblins to work on my grot rebels.


  1. How many battle wagons were on each side for the first battle. I am slowly putting together an Ork army and wondering how many I should get.