Sunday, January 30, 2011

1500 GT results.

Well yesterday was the GT at the LA bunker.  I got a total score of 80.  my Painting score was low because well they gave 5 different reasons and ended up on 1 search light wasn't painted so it dropped my score by 18.  But anyways it was 3 rounds.

Round 1 was a modified objective game.  1+D3 building where the objectives.  To claim an objective a troop had to place a "flag" in the start of the movement phase.  This game I went again a Wrathwall army. 


10 Wrathguard with warlock with enchance
10 Wrathguard with warlock with enchance

Wrath lord with brightlance and Eldar missile launcher
Wrath lord with brightlance and Eldar missile launcher

We only had 2 objectives and I lost the game on the last turn when both units of the wrath guard charged in killing my last unit of marines.

Game 2 was another objective but this one was a "king of the Hill" I played against an imperial guard army.  I cant remember exactly what he had but I know it was 2 vet squads in chimera one with 3 melta 1 with 3 plasma.  A big infantry platoon with 2 autocannons and a special weapon platoon with 3 flamers.  2 commands with autocannons 1 battle cannon 1 plasma lemanruss and a manticore.

The game ended in a draw but he only was off target on 1 shot which still hit my predator and killed 3 marines.  Very rough game for me.

Last game was a modified kill point mission.  I went against a Grey Knight army and because of the judging on how the HQ KP was I lost.  I wiped out his lord the lords terminators their land raider and the other land raider and still lost.  I only lost a rhino my lord and vindicator and predator.  SO that was a bit annoying but the guy was a great person to play against.  Also his army was soooo stunning I was proud to take the loss against him.

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  1. Yeah you kind of got shafted on the painting score. At least you were able to get a tie against a Guard player on a hot dice streak.