Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grey Knight Tactics.

Ok well I am going to share some of my thoughts of the new Grey Knight codex.

Well I am going to be using the Grand Master.  He is kinda alot of points but can dish out alot of hurt.  I am goig to be using Halberd, Incinerator, Rad grenades, Psychoktroke and Blind Grenades.  All that adds up to a ton of hurt on most anything that charges or gets charged.

Now the other 6 options for Grey Knight HQs are not all that great.  The libby is pretty nasty but is alot of points.  Brotherhood champion would be cool but he is 100 points for 1 wound.  Brother captain isnt bad but for 25 points take the Grandmaster and get Grand Strat.  Now I left out all Special Characters at this time mainly cause I feel they are way to wacky and weird.  Lord Chuck norris well screw him no mater how good he might be.  Mordrak might be fun but not impressed.  Stern is kinda meh makes the enemy better.  Crowe is only good in the sense he makes Purifiers troops( I will get to them later).  Corteaz......If you have read anything on the internet you have heard about this guy.  He needs to be redone.  The other 2 inquisitors look kinda cool but alot of points.

The tech marine  is just like the space marines tech marine BUT he can take a few cool things.  in the end there are better things to take in the Elites section.  Purifier squads are what I love about Elites.  2 base attacks cheap Halberds Cleansing fire spell.  Not to shabby!  Also if you like a little ranged fire power then a squad of 10 can take 4 psycannons for next to nothing.  Or 4 incinerators for FREE!!!!!  I think Purifiers are great.  I want an army of them and good thing I could do it.  To bad Crowe kinda blows.  Venerable dreads are the same as space marines BUT they can take Psy bolt ammo.  Making them some bad mother...Shut yo mouth!  Now onto Paladins the Ork nobs of the Grey Knights.  They are alot of points but they can take an Apothecary and 2 heavy weapons for every 5.  Not to shabby if you ask me.  Now one thing that drives me nuts is the brotherhood banner.  This thing is great. +1 attack and auto pass the turn your weapon on test.  Down side.  It takes away the weapon you just turned on.....Also Holocaust is a neat spell.  Now lets look at the assassins.  they are pretty much the same with some updates.  Only problem I see is the callidus comes out like she deep striked.  Meaning no charge when she comes out.  Now to the lovely Henchmen.  There is alot in this section I don't know all of it and didn't read most of it.  I know Jokaero weapon smiths are almost game breaking.  Next to 15 point power weapon storm shield guys and they better then IG psyker battle squad psykers.  But I wont touch these guys for fluff reasons.

So I am going to end my small thoughts for now.  I will get to the rest later on.  Also As soon as I get some battle reports going I will post them up.

Starting new armies.

So I picked up some grey Knights this weekend.  I pretty much now own my full 2000 point army.  Also I am having a blast putting it all together.  SO here is my army:

Grand Master: Force Halberd, Psychotroke, rad and blind grenades, Incinerator  215

10 Purifiers: 10 Force Halberds 260

5 Paladins: 1 Apoc, 4 with force Halberds, 1 deamon hammer, 1 incinerator 355

10 Grey Knight strike: 2 Psycannons, Psybolt ammo, deamon hammer Rhino 290

10 Grey Knight strike: 2 Psycannons, Psybolt ammo, deamon hammer Rhino 290

Stormraven: Lascannon, Multi-Melta 205

Land Raider Crusader 255

Dreadnought: Autocannon, Psy bolt ammo 130